Wednesday, February 27, 2013

20 Things to Cherish

1. Water

2. Freedom

3. Family

4. Friends

5. Pets

6. Faith

7. Compass

8. Love

9. Hope

10. Row Boat

11. Scooter

12. Teachers

13. One with Naturee
14. The Roof

15. Sunrises

16. Sunsets

17. Manatees

18. Dolphins

19. Seashells

20. Shark Teeth

Friday, February 22, 2013

Cherish Free Time - Or - Why I Write

As this blog entry's title suggests, I have some "free time" today. Bought and paid for with some recent heckish hours that I put in, therefor not necessarily free. So why am I sitting here at my computer writing about this? Hm. Let's see. In a word? Money. Or the lack thereof, of course. That's okay. At least I can lay about at will today or wander through the park or any of the other "cheap as dirt" things I like to do in my off hours. Of course, blogging is one of those things and that is why I'm sitting here today, writing. It's pretty much what I do.

I've been writing since, well, I could. Yes, this fascination with using my hands to express myself goes all the way back to the years I spent living in Neptune Beach, Florida with my Aunt and Uncle. My mother was ill during those years and my Aunt and Uncle took up the slack by taking me in so my parents could have the time necessary to get mom well again.

Now, I say that it goes all the way back to that time in my life (I was two - five years old) because my wonderful, marvelous guardians had long before installed a lovely chalkboard in the short entry area of the room I shared with their son. He just happened to be the sweetest, greatest guy in the whole world, too! He used to take time out from his busy High School schedule just to entertain me.

But back to this magical chalkboard. Did I mention before that it was magical. I didn't? Well, now you know. The chalkboard in my Aunt and Uncle's beach house was Magical. Yes, with a capitol 'M' and italics no less!

Despite my Aunt's best efforts, I would sit there all day, when left to my own devices which, to me, was not near enough time to explore the many and varied enchantments of the Magical Chalkboard. The woman actually expected me to take naps! Of course, I never did. She could put me down for a nap all she liked but as soon as she was out of that room I was back up on the stool in front of the chalkboard delving, once again, into the deeply fascinating wonders of chalk, especially color chalk, against that black surface.

Back in those days I certainly wasn't composing any grand soliloquies (I'm no prodigy!) but I certainly did love to draw pictures that told a story. I loved shading, as well. That's when you drag the chalk across the board on its side rather than on it's tip. I made rainbows in this way. I loved drawing white horses against the black, too! I just loved all of that high contrast. Waves were a favorite as well. But I think I probably drew flowers the most. Those, and the ghost I had as my "imaginary friend" while I lived there.

Oh, you didn't know about "my ghost"? Well, I'll have to tell you about him another time. Right now I'm going to get out and enjoy some fresh air.

What was that? I didn't tell you why I write? Yes, I did. In the beginning. Remember? It's what I do.

Have a Magical day!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cherish the Love

Cherish the Love by Kool and the Gang:

Let's cherish the ones we love and every moment we have together with them...
Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Cherish - Carrie's Bad Poetry

I know you were here, coz I felt you.
I know you stopped at the sailor's statue,
coz I felt you.
I went there the other day and the feelings
were so strong--
How your voice followed me along.
But we did not meet and that's how it goes
When matters of the heart draw to an
untimely close.
From Cherish, the Novel, Carrie's Bad Poetry by Lee Lane.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Cherish the Novel - Chicane's Saltwater

I promised to share things that reminded me of aspects of my upcoming novel, Cherish, so here goes! There are quite a few songs out there that have what I like to call a watery sound or that are about watery subjects. This week I'd like to share a song that I think is so beautiful and is one of the songs I like to listen to while I'm working.

Chicane's Saltwater with vocals by Máire Brennan with both re-recorded and newly written lyrics from Clannad's Theme from Harry's Game:

For those readers who may be new and may be wondering what Cherish is all about. Please see this previous blog entry.

Have a great weekend, everyone!