Thursday, February 27, 2014

Barkticles - Hollydogs

As a Dog I am very passionate about the well-being of my fellow Dogs, especially those who are in the most danger of being "put down" as it is called. You can imagine that, as a Dog, a Beagle to be exact, I consider it something more than a "put down," but I'll restrain myself and keep this civil.

Greyhounds as many of you already know are often used for racing. I don't necessarily have anything against racing, it's the killing and over breeding that bother me. Greyhounds are among some of the finest athletes in the Doggie World, but those who aren't considered fast enough are simply done away with.

Fortunately, at least for some, there are people, like the fine folks at Hollydogs in Hollywood, Florida who step in and try to help those dogs who are in need of good homes or sponsorship due to special needs.


It is my sincere hope that if you can spare it that you will help Hollydogs with monetary contributions or even an adoption.

And don't forget! March 30th is the Hollydogs Greyhound Picnic from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. All Dogs are invited, and their accompanying humans, of course!

So barks I, pawed --

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